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IRD could be simpler and not need new IT system NZ Herald, 19 May 2013

'Abenomics' offers leg up for the world NZ Herald, 17 Apr 2013

Everybody owns water NZ Herald, 5 Mar 2013

Statutory Holidays Radio NZ National, (audio) 2 Jun 2012

Austerity needs stimulus to work NZ Herald, 11 May 2012

Kiwi common sense on public holidays NZ Herald, 26 Mar 2012

A tax by another name NZ Herald, 15 Mar 2012

For solutions, choose the right words NZ Herald, 5 Mar 2012

NZ's First Money Printing, 20 Feb 2012

What to do about inequality NZ Herald, 17 Feb 2012

Tax reform? Watch for the broken glass NZ Herald, 22 Jan 2010

Trimming the Cullen Superannuation Fund Independent Financial Review, 4 Jun 2009

Tax credit needs to extend help to low earners Independent Financial Review, 2 Apr 2009

The solution to our market crisis: more spending Independent Financial Review, 26 Feb 2009

Recycling the income of a binge and bubble economy Independent Financial Review, 11 Dec 2008

Wall St trembles but it's not the Big One Independent Financial Review, 25 Sep 2008

A time to borrow, a time to spend NZ Herald, 7 Aug 2008.

Family discrimination claims go to court Independent Financial Review, 16 Apr 2008

Rented houses are homes just the same NZ Herald, 19 Feb 2008 (written 13 Feb 2008);
see updated version with links Understanding the New Zealand Housing Market 18 Feb 2008

(Im)Balance of Payments. What's really wrong? Independent Financial Review, 31 Oct 2007. (submitted paper 19 Oct 2007)

Let there be morning light NZ Herald, 2 May 2007.

Housing: Fundamentals and interest rate perversity Independent Financial Review, 25 Apr 2007

A different standard of proof NZ Herald, 8 Mar 2007. (It's actually about giving a more complete verdict, that covers various "not guilty" options)

Monetary Policy in New Zealand,
published in the Independent Financial Review on 7 Mar 2007 as Case of Much Ado About Nothing.

Forward from the Past? Twenty-first century tax reform based on 1970s'-style personal tax credits,
published in the Independent Financial Review on 29 Nov 2006 as Taking a step forward from the past?.

Interest rates and New Zealand's housing bubble,
published in the Independent Financial Review on 15 Nov 2006 as The end of the housing bubble is nigh.

Carrots, not sticks, way to the future NZ Herald, 28 Jan 2005. (Don Brash's Orewa speech; Fran O'Sullivan; Bruce Logan)

Western ring road vital to solving traffic congestion NZ Herald, 16 Dec 2004.

Battling the oligopoly of universities NZ Herald, 25 Nov 2004. (Herald editorial 22 Jan 2005; Andrew Codling 27 Jan 2005)

System ensures voters get the people they want NZ Herald, 13 Oct 2004.

City's commercial heart doesn't need triple bypass NZ Herald, 21 Apr 2004.

MMP faces numbers jolt NZ Herald, 16 Mar 2004.

Time to cut interest rates NZ Herald (Business section), 23 Oct 2003.

Rental tax fairest way to dampen house sales NZ Herald, 2 Oct 2003; submitted as Appreciating Real Estate: A Divisive Matter.

State stake needed in rail and power NZ Herald, 23 Apr 2003.

Equality as parents must be our focus NZ Herald, 10 Sep 2002; submitted as Gender Equity.

Local politics requires vote of confidence NZ Herald, 13 Aug 2002; submitted as Local Authority Electoral Reform.

For political pollsters some voters don't exist NZ Herald, 19 Jul 2002; submitted as Poll Confusion.

Why Parliament needs more than a twosome NZ Herald, 11 Apr 2002; submitted as MMP as a contestable electoral system.

History shows growth comes from access to public capital NZ Herald, 2 Apr 2002; submitted as The case against tax cuts.

Echoes of Braveheart in Muslim terror campaign NZ Herald, 3 Jan 2002; submitted as Braveheart bin Laden?.

Southland shows the way to a real global economy NZ Herald, 15 Nov 2001; submitted as Southland Inspires.

All work and no play - but it won't be for long NZ Herald, 26 Oct 2001; submitted as Labour Pains.

Rejection of fluoride to benefit all water users NZ Herald, 2 Apr 2001; submitted as A Fortunate Experiment?.

Council should back off and let Vector pay out NZ Herald, 6 Feb 2001; submitted as Vector Dividends.

Land is our best hope for revival NZ Herald, 4 Oct 2000; submitted as Fixing the Balance of Payments.

Forget the doom and get ready for a boom NZ Herald, 28 Aug 2000; submitted as Not a Banana Republic.

Simple rule the essence of fair wage NZ Herald, 8 Aug 2000; submitted as Wages and the Economic Cake.

Where's all the help for low-income households? NZ Herald, 16 June 2000; submitted as Budget 2000: a Cautious Revival of the Social Wage.

Financing Motat, published in the NZ Herald on 20 March 2000 as Auckland, Shore should gift museum to region.

Auckland's Traffic: Getting the Diagnosis Right, published in the NZ Herald on 10 March 2000 as City's access, bypass routes must be split.

Monetary Policy, published in the NZ Herald on 2 March 2000 as Approach is orthodox but so was burning witches.

The Change of Millennium is Upon Us, published in the NZ Herald on 28 December 1999 as Right Time to Count out the Sceptics.

Deconstructing Student Loans, published in the NZ Herald (3 November 1999) as More Benefits than Burdens in Student Loans Scheme.

Solving Auckland's transport woes, published (slightly abridged) in the NZ Herald (2 September 1999) with the misleading title Better roads network should have priority.

A knowledge economy for the many or for the few?, published (slightly abridged) in the NZ Herald (24 August 1999) as Knowledge must be public property.

American Trade Policy, published (slightly abridged) in the NZ Herald (10 June 1999) as Lamb Impost Plan shows up US Double Standards.

Inflation, Deflation and Monetary Policy, published, slightly abridged, in the NZ Herald on 20 January 1999 as "Could it be Keynesian theorists got it wrong?"

Tax Myths and Welfare Misrepresentation, published in the NZ Herald on 9 November 1998 as "Gloomy image of 1970s based on taxation myth".

Paying Benefits to the Middle Classes, published in the NZ Herald on 12 October 1998 as "Targeting benefits favours too few".

Claim of high tax rate unfairly represented, a reply to Patrick Caragata (NZ Herald, 29 July) published in the NZ Herald on 9 September 1998.

NZ must not go back to capital addiction published in the NZ Herald on 3 August 1998, slightly abridged.

Defining Universal Incomes, an extract of which was published in Greenweb (July 1998) as "What does UBI mean"

Parallel Imports, Protection and Consumer Sovereignty; article published in the NZ Herald on 14 July 1998 under the headline "Allowing Parallel Imports: is it really deregulatory?".

Recession and Depression in Context; article published in the NZ Herald on 1 July 1998 under the headline "What Depression; we've been in worse shape often enough".

Universal Basic Income, the Community Wage and Local Economies, published in Greenweb (May 1998) as "Subversive Compliance"

Auckland's Power Debacle; article published in the NZ Herald on 4 March 1998 under the headline "'Fiscal Responsibility' led to buck-passing". Also reply by Reserve Bank, and my rejoinder. Plus letter to the Australian Financial Review; 6 March, in response to inaccurate statements about Auckland's power crisis in its 28 February editorial.

Why Jenny Shipley must take aim at the Centre; published in the NZ Herald, slightly abridged, on 13 November 1997.

Age Dependency next Century? A Global Perspective; published in the NZ Herald, on 20 May 1997.

Reply to Martin Hames ("Free Thinking", Herald, 3 January 1998); published (slightly abridged) in the NZ Herald, on 13 January 1997.

List overrated in looking to past for today's economic truth; published (abridged) in The Independent (NZ), 16 August 1996, p.11.

What's cheaper; placating the poor with welfare or imprisoning the rich?; published in The Independent (NZ), 10 May 1996.

Shortchanging the Beneficiary with a New Measure of Inflation; published in The Independent (NZ), 20 October 1995.

Tax Cuts and the Social Wage; published in PSA Journal, October 1995.

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